PWV Early Passenger Cars

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The P&WV had Pacifies #200 and #201 built by the Brooks Works of ALCo in 1921 to upgrade its passenger fleet. Another 4-6-2 of the same design, # 202, was added in 1924. This purchase was a surprising one considering that the earlier 200s were already proving themselves deficient. The railroad had taken delivery of fourteen new all-steel passenger cars in the April, 1923. Capable of only 25,257 pounds of tractive effort, the little Pacifies that had handled the road's old wood framed coaches were having difficulity with the heavier all-steel equipment. Pulling away from station stops on any grade was a struggle and train lengths were limited to three cars. These problems would last eight years until passenger serviced was discontinued in 1931. Photograph from the collection of ALCo/ALCO Historic Photos