P&WV Era Photos

1922 P&WV Annual Report lists 14 new passenger cars that were going to be delivered to the P&WV in March of 1923. Below is a sample of each type and style of car as delivered.

This page will include images from the P&WV, The Nickel Plate Road, The Western Maryland Railway and our short line connectors The Donora Southern, The Monessen Southwestern Railway, Montour Railroad and Union RR


Archived Images


PWV Early Passenger Cars

PWV_Passenger_Cars_Data.jpg (369kb) PWV_Passenger_Car_205.jpg (224kb) PWV_Passenger_Car_300_1.jpg (227kb) PWV_Passenger_Car_300.jpg (206kb)
PWV_Passenger_Car_300_2.jpg (233kb) PWV_Passenger_Car_400.jpg (168kb) PWV_Passenger_Car_500_2.jpg (215kb) pwv_stm_Pres_Dir_Trp_1937_Mail.jpg (237kb)