Mifflin II

P&WV Era Photos

This page will include images from the P&WV, The Nickel Plate Road, The Western Maryland Railway and our short line connectors The Donora Southern, The Monessen Southwestern Railway, Montour Railroad and Union RR


Archived Images

Longview And Mifflin Branch Odyssey II

This month we have some images of the Longview and Mifflin Branch of Duquesne Light Company power pole survey photos, URR derailment at Mifflin Jct. Cric 1950s and Coverdale Mine No. 8. Circa 1930s

PWV_Poles_Lines_Baldwin_004_Web.jpg (174kb) PWV_Poles_Lines_Baldwin_003_Web.jpg (205kb) PWV_Poles_Lines_Baldwin_002_Web.jpg (149kb) PWV_Poles_Lines_Baldwin_001_Web.jpg (199kb)
PWV_Mifflin_URR_Derail_001_Web.jpg (215kb) PWV_Mifflin_URR_Derail_002_Web.jpg (289kb) PWV_Mifflin_URR_Derail_003_Web.jpg (245kb) PWV_Mifflin_URR_Derail_004_Web.jpg (270kb)
Coverdale_Mine_No8_Web.jpg (186kb)